Nutmeg House, 60 Gainsford Street, London
Dorrington Properties

Various from 2004 to present day

£50,000 to £499,000

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Nutmeg House is a former spice warehouse which has been converted to provide office space over 6 floors let to multiple tenants.

Open Contracts have carried out a number of projects since 2004 including refurbishment of the common parts and office suites.

All projects have been carried out with the aim of delivering high quality results whilst minimising disruption to the occupiers.


Projects Include:

  • Refurbishment of entrance area & common parts £50k
  • Refurbishment of 3rd Floor WC’s £20k
  • Installation of air conditioning to 3rd Floor £35k
  • Refurbishment of 3rd Floor offices £60k
  • Refurbishment of all WC’s £100k
  • Refurbishment of 1st Floor Offices £240k
  • Refurbishment of 4th & 5th Floor Offices £499k

For further information on this project please contact Malcolm MacDougall(Director) on 020 7240 7711.